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Lightroom is most popular software used by milions of photographers and understanding this software is often a key to the amazing images. At this moment you are in the best place to start, having professional retoucher as your instructor!

Within few days you will be able to understand key things abutLightrooom software and what’s most important you understand more artistic side of photography that will allow you to edit images beautifully!

No matter if you are an complete ammatour or already have some experience in the field. I will make sure you understand you images, their lights and color, which will allow you to get much better at what you do!

Why I am so confident about that?

I have been workin in retouching industry for over 5 years, retoching and processing images for world class Photographers. I had closest possible experience with mastering every detail of the images, following color harmonies and it’s artistic appeal.

Major subjects taught in this course are:

Understanding Library Panel and it’s Layout

Importing Images – Picking them, flagging, rating and adding keywords to the images

Understanding Develop Module

Basic Adjustements – Exposure, Contrasts, Lights and Shadows

Working with Colors – Curves, Hue/Sauration/Luminance, Split Tonning

Color Calibration

Sharpening and Noise Reduction

Lens Correction and Perspective

Adjustement Tools – Crop, Spot Removal, Color Filters and Adjustement Brush

Exporting Images

Skin Retouching in Photoshop

Creating High Quality Presets and Color Profiles

Landscape Photography Editing Lessons

Night Photography Editing Lessons

Editing Sunsets

Editing Portraits and Bridal Images

Other Lightroom Modules

Lightroom Mobile Editing Lessons

Learn how to do edit images like a PRO by following this few major steps in post-production.

Adjust Lights and Contrasts – basic but a major step of every editing, you need to make sure your image has perfect lights before you will process to the next step. Luckly even though when you images are under exposed or slightly overexposed you are able to fix it in lightroom!

Color Grading – other course never pay enough attention to process of color grading. What I do different, I teach you how to color grade you images in the right way – following the basic rules of color harmonies. Thanks to this your images will always look perfect!

Skin Retouching – Yes we also work on portraits, I will show you how to retouch skin in Lightroom as well as in Photoshop which is much better software for skin retouching!

Final Touch Ups – All you need to do to make sure you image is ready to export!

Presets and Profiles – Amazing thing about this course is the fact I am sharing with you my Color Profiles that will transform your images withing seconds giving them this extra punch!

You want to learn but you don’t have many images to practice? Don’t worry, I will share images with you so the learning process can be easier!

This course include editing lessons from start to finish so you can see my fulllightroom workflow that I do on the daily basis with my images!



Who this course is for:

People with no previous knowledge of Lightroom Software

Beginner photographers who want to make otstanding images

Photographers who want to learn editing from professional

People who want to get amazing presets and profiles to boost the quality of the images quickly!

Professionals will find here color profiles created by pofessional colorist


Secure your future. Get the latest skills. Udemy online courses start at $12.99.
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