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Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming in Java and C++

Want to get started with learning programming?

This would be the course you are looking for, here you’ll how to get started with programming in Java and C++ from scratch. No prior programming experience is needed for enrollment. We would start learning from absolute basic concepts to intermediate and advanced ones later in the course. Initially, the course would cover the procedural concepts in both languages and later shift to the object oriented stuff.

Brief overview of course contents:

  • Procedural Concepts:
    1. Introduction and setup.
    2. Datatype and Variables.
    3. Operators
    4. Decision Making
    5. Loops
    6. Functions
    7. Pointers
    8. and other stuff like namespace, scope, packages, …
  • Object Oriented Concepts:
    1. Classes and Objects
    2. Strings and Arrays
    3. Encapsulation
    4. Abstraction
    5. Polymorphism
    6. Inheritance
    7. Constructors
    8. Access Specifiers
    9. Generic Programming(Templates)
    10. and other additional stuff like abstract class, friend function, …

Along with video content, you would have access to practice exercises and additional references.

Expected Audience:

Anyone who wants to get started with learning programming from with no or little prior programming experience.



Course Coupon :   https://www.udemy.com/fundamentals-of-object-oriented-programming-in-java-and-cpp/

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