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Mobile App development for beginners – Android and Apple

Mobile app development can be both profitable and fun. In this beginners introductory course you will learn to create and deploy an app to a physical device. You learn how to setup development environments for both Android and Apple Apps.

We will be using the MVC ( Model View Controller) design pattern which is commonly used in IOS app development and  the Xcode integrated development environment to develop an app to run on an apple device. Xcode comes with virtual devices that you can use to test your app.

Android powers the majority of smartphones on the planet and a growing number of devices, from Android Wear on your wrist to Android Auto for your car. This course is designed to teach anyone how to make a new Android app from scratch.Learn all the basics of the platform and all the skills an Android app developer needs to be successful.

Topic include:

  • Setting up development environment for Android using Android Studio
  • Setting up development environment for Apple using Xcode
  • Create new projects in Android Studio and Xcode
  • Design App
  • Create variables
  • Create a dice rolling app in android
  • Create a dice rolling app in Apple
  • Create array
  • Code the app logic
  • Test app on virtual devices
  • Deploy app to a real device


Course Coupon :   https://www.udemy.com/mobile-app-development-for-beginners-android-and-apple/

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