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The Step by Step Guide to Networking In Any Situation

10 Jun , 2019  

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  • Learn about why you should start prioritizing networking – Do you ever find yourself interested in the topic of networking and building relationships but feeling like your coming up short? Do other things get in the way of or come before networking? Having trouble carving out time for networking? In this course, I will start by showing you why networking is important and why you should make it a priority in your life immediately. You will never want to put networking at the end of your to-do list ever again.
  • Learn how to create the right type of network – There is a reason why some people seem to get their hands on all the juicy information early on (that new job opening, the party of the year, who’s getting promoted…) while others are left in the dark. Why does this happen? How can you set yourself up to be in the know? In this course, you will learn about the different type of social networks that exist and the pros and cons to each. Learning this will help you to understand how messages spread and why some messages spread faster than others. It will help you to understand how some messages are passed on to larger audiences, while other messages “die” out. Most importantly, it will help you to understand which type of network you should strive to build.
  • Learn how to build stronger ties – Do you want to get passed building superficial relationships? Do you want to make real friends at work or from networking events? In this course, you will learn the formula for building strong ties and long lasting connections. I will give you guidance by teaching you about the types of activities that help to build deeper relationships and why.
  • Learn about exercises for expanding your network – Do you want to learn how to start building your network immediately? In this course, you will be given concrete exercises to try in your every-day lives to expand your network. You can literally put these exercises into practice hours after taking the course!
  • Learn about what to say in different scenarios – Are you not as extroverted as your peers? Do corporate networking events feel a little forced for you? Do you feel awkward about what to say when meeting new people? Are you feeling stuck or intimidated about approaching a person at work or in the real world? In this course, you will be given sample conversation openers that you can apply in a variety of different social scenarios. That’s right, I actually tell you what to say!
  • Learn how to analyze your current social network – Is your network helping you to accomplish your professional goals? If you want to be promoted or get a new job, do you have people you can turn to who can help you? If you answer is no, it means you need to learn how to analyze your current social network so that you can whip it into shape. I will show you how to analyze your network so that you can strategically build a network comprised of people that can help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.
Who this course is for:
  • People interested in learning how to connect with others to expand their network

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