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Self-Publishing Amazon Kindle Expert – Eight Courses in One

30 Jan , 2020  

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Eight complete Udemy courses, all in one.

Please note: This is for nonfiction authors.

Hi, my name is Ian Stables, best-selling author of more than 50 Amazon Kindle books.

I’ve got a treat for you.

This is eight complete Udemy courses, all in one course. 14 hours of video content. These eight courses have a combined value of more than $1,100.

I’m going to turn you into a successful Kindle author.

I’m going to show you everything I’ve discovered over my years as a Kindle author.

My second Kindle book made 66 sales within 12 hours after a cost free promotion. It stayed a best-seller for more than two years.

I thought my first book would sell well. I had spent a lot of time on it. Sadly, it just got a few sales a month. I had a lot to learn.

I used to find the whole process a struggle. It was hard and time consuming.

First was the hours of trying to decide on a subject to write about.

Then came the long process of writing.

Next came the headache of editing. I did my best to get rid of spelling mistakes and poor wording. I was meticulous. Imagine how frustrated I was when I still found errors existed.

After the editing was done, I still had to format the text, titles, and create a clickable table of contents.

When the book was finished, I then had to write the book blurb to sell it. However, I was fairly good at this, as I had spent years learning.

At last, I would publish my book. I sat back expecting the sales to flood in. But no. I got very few sales with my first efforts.

I was determined to be a success. Others were getting results. Why not me?

I’ve lost count of how many books I read, not to mention the endless hours of brain numbing Youtube videos.

Gradually, I discovered new ideas and methods. But I still wasn’t satisfied. So I spent a lot of time thinking as well as testing lots of different methods.

Was it worth all the effort? You bet.

What can I do now?

I can come up with a nonfiction book idea in minutes. A subject I know will sell.

I can write my books in simple steps.

I know what  to include to make my book sell itself

There is no long editing process. I know a way to catch every error.

I can quicly format my books and create a clickable table of contents

I know how to set it up to sell. So when someone sees my book, they’re very likely to buy.

I know what marketing method works and which ones are a waste of time.

And more.

In these eight courses, I’m going to show you:

– How to discover book ideas that will really sell

– How to write nonfiction books in the easiest and fastest way possible (not software or paying someone)

– How to edit-proof your books of every error

– How to teach and persuade readers (Ingredient in almost all best-sellers)

– How to create nonfiction books that sell themselves

– How to format your books so they look professional

– The top three things that sell most books

– Kindle book marketing methods that get results

– The ultimate way to get Kindle book reviews… that sell

Let me teach you what I know. Become a successful Kindle author.

Enroll in this course now

Remember. You are getting eight complete courses in one.

Please note: This is for nonfiction authors.

Course Coupon:   https://www.udemy.com/course/self-publishing-amazon-kindle-eight/?couponCode=FREE3DAYS

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