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[Free] Interactive Programming in Python

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[Free] Interactive Programming in Python

29 Jun , 2020  


The goal of the course is to introduce students to Python Version 3.x programming using hands on instruction. It will show how to install Python and use the Spyder IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for writing and debugging programs. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had no programming experience whatsoever.  This course starts with the bare bones of python, showing you everything from scratch. If you are looking to Learn the Python programming language with a hands on approach, then have come to the right place.

Spyder is the Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment:

  • a powerful interactive development environment for the Python language with advanced editing, interactive testing, debugging and introspection features
  • and a numerical computing environment thanks to the support of IPython (enhanced interactive Python interpreter) and popular Python libraries such as NumPy (linear algebra), SciPy (signal and image processing) or matplotlib (interactive 2D/3D plotting).

We’ll teach you basics of python, how to program with Python Scripts and how to work with files!

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