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[Free] Blender 3d basics: an intuitive approach

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[Free] Blender 3d basics: an intuitive approach

13 Jul , 2020  

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This is the age of information. There are a lot of videos online about learning the basics of Blender. But I discovered over the years that most of them preach about tips and tricks to make a very specific object or item. 3D modelling is a trial and error process. One should be aware of not just how to operate the software but also about how to approach an unknown situation. This is what I mean when I say “intuitiveness”. One must experience different kind of challenges in order to develop that intuitiveness.

I used to learn about 3D modelling from books and though it took a long time to learn from them, I learnt that in the long term it was better than do it quickly videos. The differences was the richness of the content in books. Now in this course, I have tried to develop not just your 3D skills but also your ability to develop approaches for different kind of scenarios, which makes it a lot richer than the traditional set of how to videos.

In this course,  we will go through

– Basic functions in Blender and the user interface

-The process of blocking everything with basic shapes.

-Then we will model different kind of meshes in edit mode.

– Then we will learn how to make different kind of materials and compare them with one another

– We will also learn how to map and mask different textures into one another

– We will learn the basics of using modifiers

-Then there is the final project in which all the skills learnt will be tested

– And ultimately there is the Ultimate beginners challenge that requires a lot of creative thinking to solve


So if you pass the ultimate challenge by yourself, you are already pretty good at this and you should continue in the field.

Nonetheless I hope you enjoy this course. I will keep uploading new videos as and when required.

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