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[Free] AutoHotkey – How To Start for Beginners

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[Free] AutoHotkey – How To Start for Beginners

28 Jul , 2020  

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Note: This course is for candidates, that want to start with AutoHotkey.

AutoHotkey gives you the freedom to automate any desktop task. You can compare it to RPA tools, where you with AutoHotkey get incredible speed with a very easy syntax.

In this course you will learn everything there is to get started with AutoHotkey. The following topics will be covered (all by examples so you can code along):

  • Download, setup and install AutoHotkey
  • Hotkeys
  • Hotstrings
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Taking user input with InputBox
  • Folders, Programs and Websites
  • Volume Control
  • Browsers
  • Excel
  • Random functions
  • Running scripts at Windows Start Up

These topics are what you need to get started and get used to the syntax. You will be able to create your own scripts automating your desktop tasks, such as back office workflows or automating your favorite computer game.

For more information check out the course outline.

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