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[Free] A Beginner's Guide To : Sketchup 3D modeling

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[Free] A Beginner’s Guide To : Sketchup 3D modeling

1 Sep , 2020  

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Sketchup is a great 3d Modeling software for everybody


Simple workspace and Time saving process of 3D modeling in Sketch up, made this software first choice of Architects for 3D modeling.



After years of teaching sketch up.

I decide to create a sketch up course for Architects ,who want to learn sketch up from scratch.


In this course you will learn : basics of sketchup2019 -Sketchup tools-creating simple shapes – 3D modeling of a Building

In this course you will learn Sketchup in the easiest way .

In this course you don’t need any previous knowledge about Sketchup.

So if you want to learn sketch up from scratch . Without any previous knowledge . DON’T MISS THIS COURSE.


in this course you will learn:

Selecting a template

Exploring the SketchUp interface

  1. Title bar
  2. Menu bar
  3. Getting Started toolbar
  4. Drawing area
  5. Status bar
  6. Measurements box
  7. Default panels

Learning how to use SketchUp tools

  1. line
  2. circle
  3. rectangle
  4. offset
  5. push pull
  6. move
  7. rotate
  8. follow me
  9. ….

Creating your first 3D model in SketchUp

Importing CAD files into the sketchup

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