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Introduction to Problem-Solving

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Introduction to Problem-Solving

8 Sep , 2020  

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If you find that you are not always inspired in solving daily problems, or simply that there are too many issues and not enough time, by taking the Introduction to Problem-Solving course you will learn at least:

  • one simple model of problem-solving
  • starting from concepts
  • continuing with tools and techniques
  • discussing barriers to efficient problem-solving and
  • ending with problem-solving skills and competencies development.

Introduction to Problem Solving is included in a larger course on problem-solving and decision-making strategy as an introductory part, and here is presented as a stand-alone course for those interested in learning about the problem-solving topics.

The course contains more than 2 hours of video lectures, written lectures; and one final quiz. The lectures include examples and exercises, and your active participation will improve information retention and learning quality

So, if you are interested in improving your own problem-solving you will greatly benefit. This course will help improving your professional and personal aspects of your life, and you will have the opportunity to change your bad and unproductive behaviors with new and functional ones

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