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[Free] Introduction to Amazon Honeycode

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[Free] Introduction to Amazon Honeycode

9 Sep , 2020  

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Reading and managing information is a very messy process whether you do it through emails or spreadsheets. Sending and tracing emails back and forth or trying to read an unreadable spreadsheet. It doesn’t matter, they both are really tiring. An app that can make all that messy information look nice is really what you need.

That is where Amazon’s new service comes in. It allows you to make your own app that displays information in a beautiful way with little to no cost. Without Coding. And that service is called Amazon HoneyCode.  We will be using the beta version in this course.

Whether you are a financial analyst, a realtor, a teacher, a doctor, or just a kid, you can easily learn to use Honeycode through this course. We will go over the basics of honeycode and we will make an app that will teach you the core of Honeycode.

By the end of this course, you will know what honeycode is, you will be able to make an app, and you will have knowledge that you can use to make an app that is personalized for you or your team.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to develop business apps without coding


  • There are no course requirements

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