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[Free] Goal-oriented Planning with Technology

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[Free] Goal-oriented Planning with Technology

10 Sep , 2020  

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Learning how to attain your goals by using a goal-oriented framework backed by peer-reviewed research. Students will learn about the principles and various steps of goal-oriented planning which include:

  1. Brainstorming interests
  2. Gathering data
  3. Forming SMART goals
  4. Establishing and executing plans
  5. Evaluating and refining processes

Additionally, students will become well-versed in technology tools and how they work. These tools include:

  • Search engines (e.g., Google, Scholar)
  • Word processors (e.g., Google Docs, Word)
  • Spreadsheets (e.g., Google Sheets, Excel)

Who this course is for:

  • All ages
  • Anyone looking to figure out their personal goals, values, and motivations.
  • Anyone looking to learn more about themselves.


  • Although we do cover a bit on this in lecture, basic knowledge of search engines, spreadsheet tools, and word processors would be sufficient for this course.

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