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[Free] Learning ECMAScript 6 Step by Step

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[Free] Learning ECMAScript 6 Step by Step

11 Sep , 2020  

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Want to learn an effective way to carry out simple ES6 procedures? Want to see your peers appreciate you for something you thought you’d do someday?

You’re at the right place – this course provides you with tutorial on ES6 which will not only teach you about the topic, but will also clear all your doubts! Our academic team has developed the course in such a way that you’ll be able to learn everything in the shortest span of time – thus saving time, the most important asset! This course describes all the concepts – be it complex or simple – in a very comfortable way. Though these videos consume less minutes, the teachers’ primary focus is to explain the concept in-depth to the viewer.

This course will teach you a lot of things, some of which include:

  • Simulating default parameter values in ECMAScript 5
  • Functions
  • Default parameter values in ES 6
  • Default parameter value temporal dead zone
  • Working with unnamed parameters
  • Unnamed parameters in ES 5
  • Increased capabilities of the function constructor and many others

Though this course is well-suited for any enthusiast – whether a newbie or an old learner, it is mainly directed towards people with a basic understanding of JavaScript syn-taxes. As the demand in today’s world has increased rapidly, it is fit for someone who sees himself in this field in the near future to learn from this course. Therefore, you could not just get ahead, but also become one of the topmost personalities in this field!

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