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[Free] TCP/IP Reference Model (CCNA Certification Prep)

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[Free] TCP/IP Reference Model (CCNA Certification Prep)

16 Sep , 2020  

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There is no other topic that is synonymous with networking than the TCP/IP architecture model. It is the standard used to create all modern network infrastructure and global connectivity.

TCP/IP model is the de facto standard that replaces older OSI model for all network connectivity today. If you are a network administrator, cloud engineer or web developer then knowledge of TCP/IP reference model is essential.

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of network communications for all platforms including Cisco, Windows, Linux and cloud servers. Learn the different connection types, network addressing, services, communication protocols and PDU.

TCP/IP Reference Model is Networking!

  • Learn how data messages are sent across the internet
  • Learn the fundamentals of network communications
  • Ethernet, ARP, Wireless, IP, TCP, UDP, DNS, HTTP
  • Linux, Windows, and Cisco IOS Stack Architecture
  • De facto standard that replaces older OSI model

TCP/IP architecture model is the current standard today for all network communications. In this course you will learn how network hardware, protocols and applications all work together to send data messages across the internet. Deepen your knowledge and understanding of networking and take your career to the next level with rarely available information.

You will learn how a network session is operational from the physical layer up to and including the application layer. There is an explanation of how applications and operating system plug-in to the communications stack as well. This is an essential course for network administrators, support analysts, web/application developers and certification students.

Interview questions often start with – “Do you know the TCP/IP reference model”

Course Content

  • TCP/IP Model Layers
  • Physical Interconnects
  • Data Link Switching
  • Internet Routing Layer
  • TCP/UDP Transport Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Data Encapsulation
  • Header Stripping
  • Stack Architecture

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