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[Free] The Ultimate Content Marketing Course

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[Free] The Ultimate Content Marketing Course

14 Oct , 2020  

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  • Learn a cutting edge content marketing process
  • Use our content marketing master document and blog post template to ensure you are following the blog post process correctly every time
  • Understand content marketing best practices and tips so you can optimize your process quickly


How this course is arranged:


  • Part 1: Introduction and Course Overview

We’ll teach you my cutting edge process for content marketing so you can grow your organic traffic and increase growth and revenue at your company. We’ll give you my master content marketing document which is a dedicated process for strategizing, researching, managing, and creating the best content on the planet.


Why should I learn about content marketing?

Content marketing is one of the highest impact growth channels you can pursue for your company to increase growth and revenue. It increases your authority and trust with the customer and it gives you a steady stream of evergreen traffic which brings you high-quality relevant business leads over time. We’ll teach you our process, give you our documents, templates, and tips, and teach you how to write the best content on the planet with our secret tips and process.


Do I need any experience or related skills to complete this?

All you will need is access to a computer. We will provide all the necessary documents for you to organize and execute your sales process.


What is included in the certification materials?

We will provide you access to all the documents and high definition video walkthroughs that cover the document topics.


  • Part 2: Master Content Marketing Document

Our master content marketing document is our secret process for our beginning to end content marketing strategy. You can organize your entire implementation strategy in one place to understand how you are performing over time. We give you our templates and guidance on what to do and not do and what to focus on key parts of the process so you can get up to speed and start your content marketing process immediately.


Why do I need to understand how to implement a content marketing process?

Content marketing is one of the most crucial growth channels of any company or business. If don’t correctly, you can count on it to supply you a steady supply of leads for the life of the business.


  • Part 2: Writing Our First Blog Post

We’re going to turn you into a writer and designer. You heard me correctly. We’ll give you our blueprint for writing the top content on the planet. I am not a natural content writer, but using our process and template, we simplify what you have to do every time based on a few key criteria which we teach in this course. You’ll also learn our favorite tool for turning any failed artist into a blog imagery design genius so you can turn boring old blog posts into some of the best content on the internet.


Why do I need to understand how to write and design great content?

The internet is so competitive with content that you have to be the best of the best in order to stand out. We give you the process we use to simplify how to be the best written and designed content on the web.

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