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[Free] Complete JavaScript ES6+ Course

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[Free] Complete JavaScript ES6+ Course

15 Oct , 2020  

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ECMA Script 6 or ES6 is the latest standard used in JavaScript to get the most out of the JavaScript language itself. A lot of new syntax and keywords have now been added to the JavaScript ES6 update.

These updates have actually improved the performance of how good and fast can JavaScript be used in many web applications.

Some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks are NodeJS, Angular by Google, ReactJS by Facebook use the modern JavaScript ES6. In this course we will cover everything that is required to get get started with the modern JavaScript. After completing this course you can further proceed to any Popular JavaScript Framework.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has completed the HTML5 & CSS3 course and looking forward to learn more about JavaScript
  • Anyone who wants to get started with JavaScript framework
  • Anyone who wants to learn modern JavaScript
  • Anyone who is looking to extend their skills in JavaScript


  • Basics of HTML and CSS
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript (Not necessary) or Basics of JavaScript is good enough
  • Basic computer skills

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