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Instructional Design Course: All Levels Beginner to Advanced

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Instructional Design Course: All Levels Beginner to Advanced

27 Oct , 2020  

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Know the basics of English language that help in understanding the course content

Do you think you have the necessary skills and technique for developing effective e-learning solutions in instructional design?

Do you want to be able to convert information into rich learning content?

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Behind every website, app, webinar, online course, or workshop is the work of an instructional designer. Instructional design is a process that covers the methodology, skills, and techniques needed for developing effective e-Learning solutions. This process involves learning of theories, frameworks, planning of the project, and gain expertise in content, communication, writing the content, and the use of technology to build experiences for today’s learners.

The course helps in making you agile and adaptable. With this, the students can synthesize unfamiliar content, evaluate new technologies, and develop learning solutions that best meet the needs of a diverse audience.

It will help students to analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate their own e-learning courses and select appropriate e-learning tools. The course also facilitates students to work together to produce learning experiences using today’s media and technologies and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and creativity related to e-Learning instructional design

This course will help you to gain:

Understanding in the instructional design system or methodology for e-learning

Recognizing the different aspects of instructional design

Comprehending the key principles of instructional design and its application while creating content.

Becoming competent in essential skills that helps in enhancing the writing

Discovering the steps involved in developing content

Learning to write instructional design content

Taking in the ability to draft good content for instructional design

Gaining advanced research skill that helps you to write on any topic

Learning the difference between computer-based and web-based learning

Develop effective tools for assessment

Acquiring the knowledge to prepare academic guide, whitepapers and study material

Mastering the graphic skill to design PPT, and newsletter

Gaining proficiency in acquiring the expertise to design website

Skill to identify the target audience

Manage your e-learning projects efficiently using different methodologies

Developing language skills that help in recognizing grammatical errors, and understand the usage of punctuation and helps in expanding the vocabulary

With this course, you will be able to design professional, instructionally sound e-Learning courses in a short span of time and will help you can create an impressive e-Learning portfolio that is a must to showcase your expertise.

This course is appropriate for an aspiring or a seasoned instructional designer having professional experience. All you need to do is come prepared and start your learning journey.

It is a course designed by the experts in the field with an experience of over a decade adorned with all the necessary skills to become an expert in designing such courses.

Taking up this course will help you:

Become more skilled in writing your content for e-Learning course

Learn to reach specific goals within a short time span

Observe a great improvement in your writing ability

Increase your self-confidence in writing

The course is packed with:

To make the whole process of learning easy this course is equipped with Experience of the Trainers who are from the same industry.

Loads of real-life examples that will give you an insight into the course and will brush up your writing skill.

A lot of tips in writing and ample advice straight from the horse’s mouth that is from the industry experts that will help you kick start your journey as the content expert in developing e-Learning courses.

Words of appreciation from our Students:

1. “It is undoubtedly a very good course for a beginner to understand the technical aspect and have complete knowledge of e-learning. It gives a vivid description of every aspect of the course. I feel good that I have joined it.” Pushpendra Yadav

2. “It is a great course to have a successful career in instructional designing and it will provide also you with everything you need to be the best in your field. I learned a lot from it. ” Olivia Alexander

3. “I like the flow of the course as it starts slowly but moves ahead with lots of practical examples. The faculty was well- versed with the subject and it showed they have extensive experience from the field.” Nazim Azam

4. “This course will take me a long way in my career journey. I am so happy that I did this course as it is certainly a very good one for a person of my ability. It is good for beginners as well as people with advanced knowledge. ” Naresh Narang

5. “It is the best course I have done with the best of the faculty members as it was a very informative one with all the necessary ingredients to get equipped with all the skills.” Kartik Singh

Who this course is for:
Aspiring Instructional Designers
Experienced instructional Designers
Human Resource Professional
Digital Marketers / Marketers personnel / Sales personnel / Business Development professionals
Entrepreneurs/Business owners who want to scale up their business
Professors / Teachers / Trainers
Bloggers / Content Writers
Retired / Unemployed individuals
Aspiring entrepreneurs
Professionals from Corporates

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