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Financial Statement Audit: Microsoft Corporation

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Financial Statement Audit: Microsoft Corporation

5 Nov , 2020  

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A basic understanding of the Financial Statements

What Makes this Course Different?

1) Demystify’ the External Audit Process

We will explain in simple terms the key concepts of the Audit Process

2) Understand ‘What Auditors Look For’

We will learn and gain the perspective of an External Auditor

3) Learn through ‘Real Examples’

We will utilize Microsoft Corporation’s Financial Statements throughout the course to explain these concepts

In this course, we will cover the following topics:

A) Key Audit Procedures by Account

Substantive Audit Procedures

Assets & Liabilities

Microsoft Corporation

B) Audit Considerations

Going Concern Assumption

Financial Statement Assertions


Controls vs Substantive Approach

Use of a Specialist

Fraud Considerations

C) ‘What do Auditors’ look for?

Key Audit Matters & Risk Areas

Who this course is for:
Students – Accounting, Business, Finance & Commerce students.
Individuals – Those with ambitions to work at a Public Accounting Firm.
Professionals – Accountants and Managers who deal with the External Auditors as part of their job requirements
Lifelong Learners – Those who want to ‘broaden their mind’ and gain another ‘perspective’

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