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The Complete IT Job Search Course – Land Your Dream IT Job

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The Complete IT Job Search Course – Land Your Dream IT Job

7 Nov , 2020  

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Desire and dedication to land that dream job
You’ll just need to be motivated and eager to learn!

The Complete IT Job Search Course – Land Your Dream IT Job

In this course, Imran Afzal will share the new techniques and tricks to find a job effectively in IT field. He will teach you how to develop your skills and build your brand. Also how you can stay on top of all the recent technologies.

Imran Afzal has collaborated with TJ Walker who (a world class public speaker). He will provide you the best guidance on how to improve your interview skills

Here is what Imran Afzal will cover on the first half

Introduction to the course

Picking only one IT field

Understand the Job Title

Put Your Skin in the Game

Write Down your Goal

Don’t be Jealous of Others Success, Follow Instead

Leave no Choice, Burn your Boats and Be Hungry

Stay Persistent

How to update your skills

College degree

A+ certification

IT Diploma

In-call or on-line training




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Review Competitive Resumes

Resume designing and formating

Common resume mistakes

Applying at IT job portals

Working with Recruiters or Headhunters and HR Rep

Search for job keywords

Setup job alerts

Getting Help from Family and Friends

LinkedIn Profile

Job Search Tracker

Part II – TJ Walker Interview Course

Imagine your job search is going well. Your LinkedIn profile has gotten you in front of the right people. Your resume and CV have landed you interviews. And now it’s time for your the big interview…

Are you ready?

TJ Walker, Udemy’s number one communication skills instructor, will teach you every trick in the book when it comes to coming across your best in every single job interview. Nobody can guarantee that you’ll get every single job offer, but we can make sure that you come across your very best in every single interview.

TJ will teach you the following;

How to exude confidence

How to tell stories that showcase your accomplishments

How to make the Interviewer feel like you would be an indispensable part of their team

Last-minute prep tips for every job interview

The sure fire way of rehearsing for every single job interview to give you maximum confidence in authority before every job interview

Leave nothing to chance! It’s not enough to search for jobs the right way, have a great LinkedIn page, have the perfect resume and CV, or master job interview skills. You must excel in every one of these job search elements. Then, and only then, will you land your dream job and prepare yourself for a series of jobs that will give you the ultimate Career you dream of and deserve.

Go ahead and enroll in this IT job search course today.

Who this course is for:
Entry level folks
Experienced and skillfull procefessionals
Anyone with a desire to land their dream IT job


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Price drop. Skill boost. Courses start at $9.99 for Black Friday