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[100% OFF] Arduino Automatic Medicine Reminder

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[100% OFF] Arduino Automatic Medicine Reminder

28 Nov , 2020  

FutureLearn US
FutureLearn US
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>>> Make Your Own Arduino Automatic Medicine Reminder in a Step by Step Manner, learn and have fun Practicing Arduino <<<


Welcome to this course.

As you know, Arduino is a very useful and easy to use microcontroller, and in this course, you will learn how you can easily make an Arduino based smart device that helps you take medicine in time.

We all need to take medicine at some time. We also need to look after our parents or elderly, and giving medicine on time is one of the most important tasks, especially when people we care about are old and they forget to take their medicine.

So we decided to help you make one for your family, for yourself and for your loved ones.

You will feel relieved knowing that even when you are not around, people you care about will get reminders to take their medicine in time.

All connections are explained in detail, and you can choose the reminding time using buttons or add extra features easily.

Let's come to the important part, which is

What you will learn and this course:

  • What is the main working principle behind automatic medicine reminder
  • How to create an automatic medicine reminder based on Arduino
  • Display information on LCD Display and select your reminder using buttons.
  • Software and hardware requirements
  • Set up the required software in a step by step manner.
  • Circuit connection and we'll start coding.

And for the circuit design and coding part, we are going to take two examples, you will be able to

  • Make a very simple and straightforward reminder using only Arduino board, A buzzer, and Led
  • Make a more advanced model in which you will use the RTC time module, LCD and buttons in a more sophisticated design.

So we have both modules or both products covered in this course.

Then we will talk about suggested future improvement and we will provide a 3D design for a case to hold your device and protect it.


Fusion360 course as a bonus to this course so that you can easily design any object in 3D for free.



After this course, you will be able to make your homemade very own Arduino Automatic Medicine Reminder

and the choice is yours to use it and apply the principles you learned with any application that comes in your mind.



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