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[Free] HANDS ON DOCKER for JAVA Developers

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[Free] HANDS ON DOCKER for JAVA Developers

30 Nov , 2020  

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This course is a 100% HANDS ON course for Java Enthusiasts who want to use DOCKER To Build->Ship->Run Java Apps using Docker and want to learn thru 10+ real world hands on use cases. This course is optimized for the busy professional with real world use cases examples and problem solving. The student registering for the course should be able to dedicate time towards Hands on labs to get a clearer understanding on how to use docker.

Docker Version: 18.03.1-ce, JDK 8

Learn to build real world apps using Java and Docker with Microservices using the Spring framework, JQuery, Bootstrap and much more…. T

  • Apart from the theoretical aspect here are the¬†HANDS ON LAB¬†Exercises which will be covered
    MICROSERVICES using Docker .
  • Build a¬†Spring MVC¬†and¬†MYSQL RESTFUL MICROSERVICE,¬†Scale a micro service with multiple containers
  • Build a¬†Proxy Servlet, a filter with a Spring MVC app backed by MYSQL¬†to load balance the requests between containers.
  • Learn what the real world problems are and how Docker attempts to solve real world use cases.
  • Learn to Run WEB Apps on¬†Apache HTTP¬†and¬†NGINX Web servers¬†in Docker as containers.
  • Learn to run Simple Java Programs developed using JDK8 using Docker
  • Create a sample¬†Spring MVC Web App¬†running with a bootstrap and¬†JQUERY UI¬†and run it using Docker
  • Learn about Docker machines and Docker compose
  • Upload your code to¬†DOCKER HUB¬†and share your Docker images for deployments with peers

Who this course is for:

  • Java Engineers wanting to get into the DEVOPS area by learning docker
  • Developers willing to experiment with hands on labs which are a part of the course


  • Basic understanding of Java
  • Windows 10 Home/Professional or MAC OS X Sierra or greater
  • Willingness to learn and work hands on with labs

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