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Sleep faster – how to sleep better in less time.

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Sleep faster – how to sleep better in less time.

30 Nov , 2020  

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How to sleep faster, better, well, less, deeply? How to wake up energized?

Don’t waste your time googling these questions, because in this training, all questions will be answered at once within 3 hours!

Henry Bucko, founder of Switzerland’s No. 1 stress institute, STRESSPOINT© and certified heart rate variability coach, will tell you exactly what to do when it comes to improving your sleep quality. You’ll experience a mixture of scientific basics and practical instructions. He will teach you everything about:

Typical sleep problems

The sleep architecture

Sleeping pills – blessing or curse?

The sleeping diary

Become an optimist!

What belongs in the bedroom?

What your body needs

Blue light alarm

Secret weapon biofeedback

The locking technique

Sleeping types

The optimal sleep duration

Learning in your sleep

Strange dreams

Sleep like clockwork

Stress and sleep

Measuring sleep quality

Magic potion for better sleep

“Since my own sleeping problems back in 2010, I realized that a lot of people think, that sleeping pills are the only solutions to a problem that can’t be solved. It took me years to understand, that this was a lie and everybody can do something to improve their sleep!

I won’t promise you to solve your sleep problems within 3 hours. But I promise you, that if you really hang into it – your sleep will improve soon! And of course, I will answer all your questions personally.”

Henry Bucko (Founder and CEO STRESSPOINT©)

✔ Are you ready to fall asleep within 15 minutes?

✔ Are you ready to sleep through again?

✔ Are you ready to wake up energized?


Who this course is for:
You want to understand the basics on good sleep.
You want to get ideas how to improve your sleep quality.

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