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Negotiation Strategy & Skills

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Negotiation Strategy & Skills

1 Dec , 2020  

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Negotiation is a skill we use in almost every aspect of our life – we negotiate when we buy or sell things such as a car or a house; we negotiate at work when we want to get a raise or a promotion; and if you have a spouse or children, you probably also feel sometimes that you negotiate at home, right? That’s life, and whether we want or not, negotiation is an integral part of it.

This course not only teaches you how to leave a bigger piece of the cake for yourself, but also how to enlarge it before you share it. It will teach you also, to strengthen your position and gain more power, no matter with whom you are negotiating, and how resourceful she or he is. We will go over the process, the steps, and the various techniques.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to develop their skills in negotiation

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