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WealthTech : Wealth Management Technology, an Overview

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WealthTech : Wealth Management Technology, an Overview

1 Dec , 2020  

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  • Interest to understand FinTech and WealthTech
  • Basic understanding of digital finance FinTech.


Personal Finance and Wealth Management will rapidly gain importance due to increasing uncertainties in life and people becoming more aware of the investment tools. Face to face conversation and meetings will be a thing of past and people will prefer DIY tools for investments. Financial advisors who will not upskill themselves and their gadgets will have a hard time retaining their jobs and positions. Enrol for this WealthTech course and understand what is wealth tech and why it is growing at such a speed within the realm of FinTech or Financial Technology and Digital Banking.

In this Business-Oriented course, we will understand;

(Please see the introduction video and course overview, before enrolling)

What are Wealth Management and WealthTech, Industry size and trend, Robo Advisory, new-age technologies like Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Optical Character Recognition, Use Cases, FinTech, Digital Banking, Wealth Tech companies, Lifecycle stage of human life, Growth Factor of WealthTech, Strategies for Traditional Companies, Challenges, Digital Finance.

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Who this course is for:

  • Professionals working in the financial services industry
  • Trainers
  • Students

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Learning for all. Savings for you. Courses from $11.99