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[Free] Mastering French DELF A1/A2 Grammar and Vocabulary

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[Free] Mastering French DELF A1/A2 Grammar and Vocabulary

4 Dec , 2020  

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This course is for ultimate beginners who just want to benefit from their time and learn something new. This course will give you the basic knowledge you need to speak and express yourself.

If you want to take your DELF A1/A2 exam, then this course is definitely for you. It covers all the important rules of grammar and by the end of those few hours, you’ll be able to READ, SPEAK, UNDERSTAND French!

“The french grammar is boring and hard”, they say. But what about your opinion? Well, you’ll learn it and judge by yourself!

You’ll learn about the importance of French and why you should consider learning it.

You’ll master french pronunciation and basic rules of sentence formation, a guide to construct a sentence that we’ll use later on.

The last section is pure application! Each video will be focused on a specific topic such as: days, nationalities, home, travel, body, colors and shapes, family, jobs, numbers, space, weather, clothes, transport, animals, cinema and entertainment and sports! In every video, you’ll get to know new prepositions and verbs in order to form a sentence.

There is a complete section concerning travelling to France and what you must know.

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