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[Free] Beginners Guide to Real Life Applications of Blockchain

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[Free] Beginners Guide to Real Life Applications of Blockchain

9 Dec , 2020  

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Are you saying to yourself, “Okay, I understand the main concept behind the blockchain, but why should I care?”


Of course, blockchain is best known as the engine, or software, behind digital currency – otherwise known as cryptocurrency.


Blockchain technology is used by millions of people daily for the use of payments, transfers, and transactions.


But blockchain isn’t only about sending and receiving money! Far from it.


Blockchain is also used for the secure transfer and immutable structure of data.


It is important to remember that data for non-financial uses utilizes the same characters, numbers, and letters, as financial uses.


Therefore, blockchain is the ultimate tool for securing data and is in use by many countries who are employing its use for everything from securing healthcare records to validating and holding documents within their land registries.


In addition, companies around the world are using blockchain for safely recording their activities throughout the supply chain to the creation of smart contracts to save time and money on legal processes.


During this course, you will find out how blockchain is becoming instrumental in the daily digital lives of governments, companies, and ultimately, people – adding a host of benefits to all users, mainly in the forms of security and immutability.


It is important to understand the use of blockchain as you will ultimately become the beneficiary of all its benefits, and if you were not aware of all those benefits, now is the time to start learning.

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