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[100% off] IVR Based Digital Payments – FinTech

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[100% off] IVR Based Digital Payments – FinTech

10 Dec , 2020  

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The most important aspect of any digital and cash lite economy is its adoption by merchants and customers, and both prefer the simplest, cheapest and efficient system. Among such mobile payment tools, IVR based payment meets these criteria, here customer doesn’t need a smartphone, it can be done through basic telephone, feature or smartphone as well.

In this business-oriented introductory course we will learn;

– Basics of IVR based payment, DTMF Tones, Digital Payments, Mobile Payment, Payment processing, Types of IVR solutions, Steps of IVR based payment, Backend Process, Types of IVR payments, PCI DSS models, Market and Players, Risks and challenges, Risk Mitigation points Future of IVR, Artifical Intelligence (AI) and IVR,

FinTech Digital Banking, Digital Finance, Financial Technology.

After completing and reflecting well on the discussed points, you will have a good understanding of IVR based payments, its back end processes and challenges.

Look forward to meeting you in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to understand the potential of IVR based payments
  • People intereseted to understand how does a IVR based payment work in digital and cashlite economy
  • FinTech Digital Payment Processing


  • Patience to listen and reflect on the points discussed during the course
  • Basic understanding of digital payments

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