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Kubernetes Mastery on AWS

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Kubernetes Mastery on AWS

17 Dec , 2020  

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Here are some student testimonials.

** Really the course is so helpful because explanation is so good and explains every lesson in simple language, which means anybody can understand**

** Clear information and right to the point **

** Among the best kbs tuts I’ve had **

I welcome you to join my course to learn about the wonderful and exciting world of Kubernetes!!

This course is designed for those who are beginners in Kubernetes, but wanting to attain its mastery.

You’ll learn Kubernetes in a step-by-step manner with increasing sophistication.

You will be deploying Kubernetes on AWS and doing a number of labs.

No prior knowledge of Kubernetes, Docker or YAML is assumed.

This course will help you absorb the material faster and retain it much longer.

After completing this course, you’ll:

1) Learn the basics of Kubernetes, its architecture and how to deploy applications on it.

2) Practice hands-on by deploying, scaling, rolling back and autoscaling applications on your cluster.

3) Do a number of labs with increasing sophistication, starting from the very basics of a Pod.

4) Learn the declarative approach of working with the Kubernetes system.

5) Learn the microservices style of architecting applications.

6) Learn how to spin-up a Kubernetes cluster on AWS, scaling the cluster and tearing it down.

7) Learn how to work with Kubernetes using the kubectl command line client and dashboard.

8) Learn to monitor a Kubernetes cluster’s performance on AWS.

9) Learn to provision an AWS ELB, SSL Termination on the ELB.

10) Learn to deploy Services, expose services securely to the Internet and deploy Ingress.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner cloud computing professionals interested in learning Kubernetes.
  • Anyone with some basic IT knowledge curious about learning Kubernetes.
  • Anyone who wants to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on AWS and learn how to run their applications on it.

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