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[100% OFF] Build up Korean Foundations | Most Common Proverbs & Idioms

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[100% OFF] Build up Korean Foundations | Most Common Proverbs & Idioms

23 Dec , 2020  

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If learning vocabularies is not enough for you to be able to express yourself, then proverbs and idioms can help. Not only that, you can also use them to demonstrate nuggets of wisdom in everyday life. Proverbs and Idioms are a big part of Korean culture, or any other culture. Learning them in the local language can connect you more with its people. It shows your appreciation of their language and culture. In this course, I have summarized the most commonly used Proverbs and Idioms in South Korea.

This course is filled with new vocabularies and grammar. So not only will you learn proverbs and idioms, this course will also help you add up to your fluency of the language. The lessons have been divided into five parts, and at the end of each section a quiz is available to help with the retention of knowledge. And also this way, you can easily go back to the parts that are not as clear to you.

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