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[Free] Basic English Conversation: Expand your Speaking Skills

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[Free] Basic English Conversation: Expand your Speaking Skills

24 Dec , 2020  


Do you want to speak English more fluently?  The key is to learn to “expand” your communication.

Do you want to be more confident in everyday conversations? Or maybe you want to feel like English really is your language? That you can use it like a native speaker? To say whatever you want?

Then this course is perfect for you!

Lingual Net’s Super Learner Fluency Course is designed to help you become a more fluent, confident, and engaged speaker of English.

In this course, Dr. Michael Rost, will teach you powerful communication strategies.  You will learn the secrets to successful conversation.

Dr. Michael Rost is a well-known researcher and teacher trainer.  He has a Ph.D. in Linguistics and has written several books and articles on English communication.

Dr. Rost has identified the “secrets” that turn you into a “super learner.” These “secrets” are actually strategies and study habits that successful language learners use.

In this course, we focus on the topic of “Food”.  We will focus on five main questions:

  1. What’s your favorite food?
  2. Is there any food you dislike?
  3. How important is diet to your health?
  4. What are some popular foods for visitors to your country?
  5. What is one popular dish in your country? Can you describe it in detail?

We will watch three different interviews, where the students — just like you –  are asked these same five questions. And we’re going to focus on their communication strategies. And then we’re going to follow up with some study skills in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

You will have the opportunity to study grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking strategies through the course Workbook, online quizzes, and online forums.


OK, are you ready?

Welcome to the course.

Let’s get started.   

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