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[Free] Getting Started with Apache Struts 2 Framework | [LQ]

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[Free] Getting Started with Apache Struts 2 Framework | [LQ]

24 Dec , 2020  

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In the first module we will review and understand the Architecture and History of the Apache Struts 2 Framework. We will look at the progression from Struts 1 to Struts 2 and the security bug that caused major concern with Struts 2 Users Worldwide.

In the second module we will set up our development environment on a Windows 10 machine. First we will download and set up JDK 8. Then we will download and install the latest version of the Eclipse IDE. We will download and install the MariaDB and integrate this database with our Eclipse IDE. We will also download and install the Tomcat Web Server and Integrate it with our Eclipse IDE

In the third module we will work through a number of code examples that demonstrates the core concepts and capabilities of the Spring 2 Framework.


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