[100% OFF] HTML5 & CSS3 Course | Practical Guide for Building Websites

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[100% OFF] HTML5 & CSS3 Course | Practical Guide for Building Websites

11 Jan , 2021  

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In this course you will learn to build HTML5 & CSS3 websites from beginner to advanced level.

In order to get started all you need is a PC and a decent internet connection. Once the environmental setup is done, we will start from the basics of HTML. We will learn the complete HTML5 document structure in a practical way.

We will cover the most important concepts of HTML and HTML5 tags and all the HTML5 elements and sematic elements.

Once we are done with the HTML5 tags we will get in depth with CSS and CSS3. The most important parts of a website are how the webpage is styled. With the help of CSS, we will style our website for better appearance.

As our project we will build a complete website which has a front page, about page, services and products. We will design the complete layout for services and products page.

Finally, we will build a contact us page with HTML5 form which also includes a Google map integration.

Once this is done. We will then upload the website online via website hosting.

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