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Complete Electric Circuits Course for Electrical Engineering

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Complete Electric Circuits Course for Electrical Engineering

11 Jan , 2021  

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Welcome To Our Course “Complete Electric Circuits Course For Electrical Engineering” ⚡️⚡️⚡️

This course is designed for absolute beginners who has zero knowledge about electric circuits , i start from zero until you understand all the fundamentals with hundreds of examples !!

What are we going to learn from this course?

⚡️​ Understand Ohm’s law

⚡️​ Difference between an Open Circuit and Short Circuit

⚡️​ Difference between Fixed and Variable Resistance

⚡️​ Definition of Conductance

⚡️​ Know difference between series and parallel connection

⚡️​ Definition of the Nodes, Branches and loops in Electric circuit

⚡️​ Definition of the Kirchhoff’s laws

⚡️​ Definition of Kirchhoff current law

⚡️​ Definition of Kirchhoff voltage law

⚡️​ Series resistor and voltage division

⚡️​ Know parallel resistor and current division

⚡️​ Wye-Delta transformations and vice-versa

⚡️​ Understand Applications as Lightning Systems

⚡️​ Understand Nodal analysis no voltage source

⚡️​ Understand Nodal analysis with voltage sources

⚡️​ Understand the supernode

⚡️​ Understand Mesh analysis no current Source

⚡️​ Understand Mesh analysis with current Sources

⚡️​ Understand the supermesh.

⚡️​ Compare between Nodal and Mesh analysis

⚡️​ Understand applications as DC transistor circuits

⚡️​ Understand the meaning of the linearity property

⚡️​ Use the Superposition theorem

⚡️​ Understand Thevenin’s theorem

⚡️​ Understand Norton’s theorem

⚡️​ Maximum power transfer

⚡️​ Understand the source transformation

⚡️​ Understand application as resistance measurement

⚡️​ Understand the various types of operational amplifiers

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