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[Free] App Building for Non Coders and Beginners

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[Free] App Building for Non Coders and Beginners

14 Jan , 2021  

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If you want to learn how to develop your own App to be available on the Phone App Ecosystem like the on the Google Playstore, or IOS Apple Store but you’re not an App Developer then this course is for you. First we will look at your motivations for creating and app, your goals, and the pros and cons of using an App Builder.

You will learn how to use an App Builder called Appypie. In the course you will learn how to design your App without code on this platform. We will then learn how to add content to your app whether it is an existing website, podcast, external sites, or Youtube videos.

After this we will introduce you to the publishing process of an App. We will give you a tour of the Google Developer console outside of the App builder platform. We will show you the key areas in the console for uploading and managing your app build.

You will learn how to make variations of your app for different countries as well as conducting A/B testing experiments to find what changes to your App have the most impact on your App downloads.

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