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Data Visualization with Python and Covid-19 Analysis Project

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Data Visualization with Python and Covid-19 Analysis Project

15 Jan , 2021  

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Data Visualization with Python – course syllabus

1. Introduction to Data Visualization

What is data visualization

Benefits of data visualization

Importance of data visualization

Top Python Libraries for Data Visualization

2. Matplotlib

Introduction to Matplotlib

Install Matplotlib with pip

Basic Plotting with Matplotlib

Plotting two or more lines on the same plot

3. Numpy and Pandas

What is numpy?

Why use numpy?

Installation of numpy

Example of numpy

What is a panda?

Key features of pandas

Python Pandas – Environment Setup

Pandas – Data Structure with example

4. Data Visualization tools

Bar chart


Pie Chart

5. More Data Visualization tools

Scatter Plot

Area Plot


Box Plot

6. Advanced data Visualization tools

Waffle Chart

Word Cloud


7. Specialized data Visualization tools (Part-I)

Bubble charts

Contour plots

Quiver Plot

8. Specialized data Visualization tools (Part-II)

Three-Dimensional Plotting in Matplotlib

3D Line Plot

3D Scatter Plot

3D Contour Plot

3D Wireframe Plot

3D Surface Plot

9. Seaborn

Introduction to seaborn

Seaborn Functionalities

Installing seaborn

Different categories of plot in Seaborn

Some basic plots using seaborn

10. Data Visualization using Seaborn

Strip Plot

Swarm Plot

Plotting Bivariate Distribution

Scatter plot, Hexbin plot, KDE, Regplot

Visualizing Pairwise Relationship

Box plot, Violin Plots, Point Plot

11. Project on Data Visualization

Who this course is for:
Data Analysts & Consultants
Python Programmers & Developers
Business Analysts & Consultants
Anyone wishing to make a career in Business Intelligence, Visualization and Analytics
Data Visualization Managers
Data Engineers & Data Scientists
Data Visualization Developers
Data Architects
Data Visualization Leads
Newbies and beginners aspiring to become BI & Visualization professionals
Data Analysts – Python, Tableau, SQL
BI Solutions Manager
Reporting Analysts
Machine Learning Professionals


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