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Content Marketing Strategy & Techniques: Beginner to Expert

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Content Marketing Strategy & Techniques: Beginner to Expert

18 Jan , 2021  

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Basic Understanding of English

Henry Harvin v/s Rest of the World: Why I Enroll Here?

#1: Learn to develop Content Strategy & Earn Online!

#2: Skill to Translate Thoughts into Strategy

#3: Experience of Professional Content Strategy

#4: Develop essential Language Skills for Content Strategy for International Clients

#5: Website Making Skills to create Basic Website and Personal Blog

#6: Graphic Skills to design Newsletters, PPT, Logo etc

#7: Gain Advanced Research Skills that enables to Write on Any Topic

#8: Skill to Identify Target Audience Persona for your Content

#9: Know how to Get Freelance projects from India, US, UK and avoid risk of bad debt in international payment

Broadly, What is the Course Curriculum?

Module 1: Essential Skills

Module 2: Language Skills

Module 3: Internet Skills (Research, Keyword Planning, Graphic, Website Making)

Module 4: Content Strategy

Why Learn Content Writing on First Place?

Following are the Top 8 Target Groups who learn content writing. Checkout below why they learn!

Digital Marketers / Marketers / Sales / Business Development professionals eradicate the problem of saturation and poor growth in career by leveraging upon the new skillset gained through this course

Existing entrepreneurs/business owners can scale up their business to next level by penetrating into new markets, audience segments, geographies and products through the power of content and internet

Professors / Teachers / Trainers acquire necessary skills to showcase their proficiency on the internet, develop new content types, gain recognition online, build alternate source of income etc

Bloggers / Content Writers get a tangible proof to showcase their existing proficiency, diversify to new content types and learn new things

Housewives / Retired / Unemployed individuals can start earning decent amount based on part-time/fulltime/ work-from-home/freelance opportunities available in abundance

Aspiring entrepreneurs can start their startup journey by leveraging on skills gained through this course

Professionals / Corporates can brand themselves as industry thought leaders and domain experts by start writing on their subject at public forums, blogs, social media etc

Students get the opportunity to acquire Internships, Placements and Projects based on their professional content writing, marketing and strategy skills. Additionally, they can start earning full-time/part-time by taking up freelancing projects, work-from-home projects and can start working on their entrepreneurial journey

Who this course is for:
Digital Marketers / Marketers / Sales / Business Development professional
Existing entrepreneurs/business owners looking to scale up their business
Professors / Teachers / Trainers
Bloggers / Content Writers
Housewives / Retired / Unemployed individuals
Aspiring entrepreneurs
Professionals / Corporates

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