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[Free] CCNA Ultimate Subnetting and IP Lab

21 Jan , 2021  

FutureLearn US
FutureLearn US
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The Course

Subnetting is a stumbling block for all students new to I.T. But in my Ultimate Subnetting and IP Lab you will learn a simple 3-step method that will allow you to subnet, reverse subnet and even subnet a subnet, quickly and accurately every time. In addition, I will teach you the basics of LANs.

This is one of my usual no-frills whiteboard courses where you get just the facts, with the goal being to save you precious exam time (especially during troubleshooting simulations) so you can pass your CCNA or Network+ exams. Not an exam dump. This course gives you a solid foundation to build upon. This course contains:

  • Basic network overview
  • Subnetting: why do we do it?
  • Ipv6 abbreviation
  • RFC and IANA standards
  • IPv4 addresses, RFC1918 and IANA approved ranges, default masks, and how binary plays a role
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Subnetting Lab with examples

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and IT students interested in furthering their career in networking.


  • No prerequisites needed. Only your desire to learn about IP addresses and subnetting.

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