Electronics : Diode (Part 2) : Diode applications

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Electronics : Diode (Part 2) : Diode applications

24 Jan , 2021  

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Basic knowledge of science,High school mathematics.
Fundamental ideas of current, voltage and electric field.
Knowledge of Semiconductor Diode Physics.( Diode – A thorough understanding (Part 1)) will certainly help.

Learn the fundamentals of Diodes and take the first leap to the world of Electronics.this course is basically the 2nd part of Diode course and here we will look at the diode from application point of view and discuss and design different clipper circuits, clamping circuit, rectifiers etc.So lets have a highlight of the entire course quickly-

See the Diode from Application point of view.

Learn the technique to design Series Negative Clipper.

Learn how to design Series Negative Clipper with applied bias.

See how to design Positive Clippers with and without applied bias voltage.

Understand the concepts of Shunt Negative/Positive Clippers with and without applied bias voltage.

In-depth knowledge about Two-way clipper.

Understand diode peak detector circuit, diode clamping circuit in detail.

Design voltage doubler and voltage multiplier circuits using diodes.

Thoroughly learn how to design Half wave rectifier and understand its quantitative analysis. Learn how we can use it as a battery replacement.

Learn Full wave rectifier in detail and understand its analysis quantitatively. Clear your doubts with examples.

Understand how we can use diodes as Digital gates.

Who this course is for:
The course is for those who love electronics and love to explore the world of electronics.

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