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VCA410-DT VMware Certified Associate Practice Exam

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[100% Off] VCA410-DT VMware Certified Associate Practice Exam

30 Jan , 2021  

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Sample Questions:

What type of file Thin App enables the full deployment of the application to the user’s desktop through the View Administrator?

Thin App EXE

Thin App RPT

Thin App CFG

Thin App MSI


A floating pool supports linked-clone that two display protocols? (Pick one.)





Using the administrator view, a user may be entitled to two objects? (Pick one.)


See Management Server

Thin App application


What are the three pool configuration options can be performed using the Pool Wizard? (Choose three.)

grant access to specific users for the pool

setting the default display protocol

Thin App applications dedication to the pool

allowing Adobe Flash throttling

assignment specifying dedicated user

A user indicates that targets are present when accessing the View Client. What action would allow the user to view the pool?

authorizing the user to a pool view Administrator

increasing the number of virtual machines in an available pool

activate the pool through View Client

putting the car in the correct View Client vShield Zones


An administrator runs successfully Add Pool wizard to create a new automated pool. What is the next step that the administrator must take to make the pool visible to users?

add the pool to a vCenter server

manually add desktops to the pool

activate the pool through View Client

right to the pool for users


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