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C++, Short And Sweet, Part 1

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C++, Short And Sweet, Part 1

31 Jan , 2021  

FutureLearn US
FutureLearn US
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  • Getting started50:25
  • Working with strings and if statements54:51
  • Looping and working with batches of data52:15
  • Organizing programs57:23
  • Organizing data and using sequential containers50:34
  • Using library algorithms01:01:45
  • Code Examples Download00:15


This course is for beginners who want to get started writing programs in C++, taught by Jeremy Siek, a professor at the University of Colorado. No prior knowledge of C++ is assumed. The course is based on the excellent textbook Accelerated C++ by Andrew Koenig and Barbara E. Moo. Like the textbook, the course quickly dives into problem solving and making use of the C++ standard library, including strings, vectors, and lists. The emphasis is on teaching you the parts of C++ that you will most likely need in your day-to-day programming. This course is Part 1 of a planned two-part sequence. Part 1 covers the first seven chapters of Accelerated C++, in particular, Chapters 0 through 6. The course consists of six videos of 50-60 minutes each.

Part 2 of the course, forthcoming, will cover the second half of Accelerated C++, including how to write your own classes and generic functions.

Author(s): Jeremy Siek

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