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React Hooks And Context (with React-redux Migration Guide)

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React Hooks And Context (with React-redux Migration Guide)

4 Feb , 2021  


React Hooks?

React Hooks are the biggest fundamental change to React since React Fiber in Late 2017.

Previous tutorials with Redux and older patterns are becoming obsolete. Stay competitive and learn the current and future version of React.

I will show you how to migrate from React-Redux to React hooks without changing any of your Redux Code

What this course will cover?

We will begin with a detailed explanation about each of the major hooks. Then once we understand the hooks at a deep level we will begin coding.

I will give a detailed explanation of React hooks then we will go over how to integrate React Hooks into existing React – Redux projects. We will build these hooks from scratch so you will get the best of both worlds.

We will cover all the major hooks and I will show you how to write them in code.

By the end of the tutorial you will have the building blocks necessary to build complex apps.

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