Java for total beginners – Easy-to-follow Java programming

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Java for total beginners – Easy-to-follow Java programming

9 Feb , 2021  

What you’ll learn

  • Essential programming basics
  • How to think like a programmer
  • Writing basic Java programs
  • You will also learn that learnig Java can be fun


  • Nothing special, basic fluency with computers.
  • No prior programming knowledge needed, only a desire and curiosity to learn to program.


This Java programming course was made mainly for absolute beginners. If you are new to programming start learning Java with us in an easy and entertaining way.

These tutorials will give you a good introduction to Java and programming as well. We start at the very basics (from zero) and go through lots of interesting exercises and analogies that will take you to a level where you can write basic programs.

The videos and exercises are easy to follow and things are well explained. Furthermore, to make your learning easier and more enjoyable we will start developing a nostalgic, text-based fantasy game with monsters and heroes.

Author(s): Duckademy IT courses


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