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Event-driven microservices: Spring boot, kafka and elastic

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Event-driven microservices: Spring boot, kafka and elastic

10 Feb , 2021  


  • Basic experience with Java
  • Basic experience with Spring Framework


Focus on development of microservices. With the help of microservices we will be able to develop and deploy our application components independently. Besides we can easily scale the services as per the resource requirements of the each service itself, for example we can scale better and create more instances of a service which requires more requests.

Develop a microservices architecture from scratch using the most recent software platforms, technologies, libraries and tools by following the best practices and using Java, Spring boot, Spring cloud, Kafka and Elasticsearch and covering Event sourcing and Event-driven services.

Apply microservices patterns such as Externalized configuration, CQRS, Api versioning, Service discovery, Api Gateway with circuit breaker and rate limiting.

Learn using Oauth2 and OpenID connect for Authentication and Authorization, monitoring with Spring boot actuator, Prometheus and Grafana, log aggregation and tracing with ELK stack, and reactive development.

Use Spring boot and Spring cloud along with Docker for developing cloud ready microservices.

We will follow a hands-on approach and be developing a project from scratch in which we’ll have multiple microservices surrounded with multiple modules to accomplish the specific tasks. So you will need to make your hands dirty in this course where I will be guiding you from start to finish.

At the end of the course you will not only understand the real life challenges of a distributed application with multiple services and components, but also you will be able to apply solutions to this challenges.

Can download source code in each lecture separately.

Who this course is for:

  • One that wants to learn developing microservices by applying patterns with Spring boot and Spring cloud
  • One that wants to learn event-driven microservices with Kafka
  • One that likes to learn with hands-on approach

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