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Global Health – The Essentials

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Global Health – The Essentials

11 Feb , 2021  

What you’ll learn

  • Be able to relate global political and economic events to potential effects on the health of populations
  • Learn how to use the Global Burden of Disease Online Tool, to look at national and international trends in diseases and risk factors
  • Discuss the demographic transition, how it relates to burden of disease, and the implications of a changing disease profile globally
  • Think critically about the global response to recent infectious disease outbreaks, such as Ebola virus
  • Use the major determinants framework, to navigate the complex range of factors which can determine the health of populations
  • Be able to speak knowledgably about health systems and how they are financed using country examples


  • No prior knowledge or experience of global health is required


In this groundbreaking online course you will learn how political, economic, and social issues can affect the health of populations around the world. You will gain valuable skills in critical thinking and be able to speak knowledgeably about key issues in global public health, including the global burden of disease, infectious diseases, and health systems.

Author(s): Vageesh Jain


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