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Leading Men: Experiences Of A Defence Officer

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Leading Men: Experiences Of A Defence Officer

11 Feb , 2021  


  • No prior knowledge required. However, people who have at-least 1-2 years of experience will be better able to understand and appreciate the course.


This is an ‘Action Course’. It is about practical steps that I have learned in dealing and leading men on various projects. I will be talking about 18 leadership qualities and practical doable steps which will help you improve your leadership skills. I am not a professor and so I will not be talking theory. I have learned these qualities from experience, my teaching method is crude and I have ensured to keep everything as short and simple as possible. Each and every quality has been explained in less than 2 min. After explaining the importance of the quality briefly, I have shared my experience in how I implemented that quality in my work. I am sure this course will be a jump start for everyone who is going to take up leadership roles and will improve your efficiency and effectiveness at workplace.

Who this course is for:

  • This is a very practical course on leadership. It is based on my years of experience in leading men.
  • This course will provide you with tangible & implementable Do’s & Don’t while dealing with men.
  • The aim of this course is to provide you with knowledge to get you started as an effective leader.
  • This is not a course on passing a college exam on leadership. This course is about tips & tricks to be an effective leader which one can implement today.

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