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Learn JIRA in less than a hour with Agile Methodology

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Learn JIRA in less than a hour with Agile Methodology

11 Feb , 2021  

What you’ll learn

  • create projects, user stories, sprints, reports, maintain them in JIRA


  • Software development life cycle in waterfall, V or spiral model awareness


This course walks through all the core features and concepts of JIRA with real-world examples. JIRA upgraded their User Interface in cloud, it incorporates and uses some of the latest features released for JIRA Software on Cloud. We will be going over all new interface, features available on Feb 2018.

JIRA is a very comprehensive tool and one of the most popular agile project management tools out there. When used and configured correctly, it will help you work smarter, faster, collaborative and more efficiently.


Session 1: Introduction to JIRA, features, References

Session 2: Agile, Scrum, Framework, Roles, Sprint, Backlogs, Planning, Review, Retrospective and Daily Scrum Meetings, References

Session 3:

JIRA Login, Dashboard, UI Components, Interface and Navigation, Project, Notification, Issues, Workflow and Transitions

Scrum process in JIRA, Create Sprint, Add Issues, Start and Complete Sprints, Sprint board state transitions, Sprint Reports

Session 5: Issue Types, Clone, Links, Subtasks, Convert Subtask to Issue and Visa-versa, Edit, Label, Share, Watch, Move, Logs, Comments

Author(s): Nivid labs

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