Matrices: Learn the basic of linear algebra

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Matrices: Learn the basic of linear algebra

11 Feb , 2021  


  • basic algebra


linear algebra focusing on matrices and solving linear system of equations. · How to add and subtract matrices. · How to compute scalar multiplication to a matrix.

Basics of matrices (notation, dimensions, types, addressing the entries etc.) Operations on a single matrix, e.g. scalar multiplication, transpose, determinant.

The overall course outline or  topics that will be covered in this course  includes

  1. Introduction to matrices
    • Definition
  2. Types of matrices
    • Square matrix
    • Rectangular matrix
    • Diagonal matrix
    • Row and column matrix
    • Transpose of a matrix
  3. Special Types  of matrices
    • Null matrix
    • Diagonal matrix
    • Scalar matrix
    • Unit matrix or Identity matrix
  4. Operations on matrices
    • Addition  of two matrices
    • Scalar multiplication of two matrices
    • Multiplication of two matrices
  5. Determinants of matrices
    • order two and three matrix
  6. Inverse of a matrix of order 2 by 2  (2*2) and 3 by3 ( 3*3)
    • Adjoint method
    • Guass-Jordan method for finding inverse
  7. Solving system of linear equations
    • matrix inversion method
    • Cramer’s rule
    • Guassian elimination
    • Guass Jordan elimination


Video Lessons: Watch over my shoulder as I explain all the Linear Algebra concepts in a simple and easy to understand language. Everything is taught from scratch, and no prior knowledge is assumed.

Solved Examples: Every topic is explained with the help of solved examples, from start to end. This problem-based approach is great, especially for beginners who want to practice their Math concepts while learning.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner

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