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Create High Performing Teams Using Agile & Hackathons

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[100% Off] Create High Performing Teams Using Agile & Hackathons

13 Feb , 2021  

What you’ll learn

  • Hackathons are “moonshot factories” that help drive improved team collaboration and individual motivation
  • FNB Codefest was a large hackathon in the banking industry and featured in Harvard Business Review
  • Drive your Agile journey with a hackathon that gives teams freedom to solve business problems with the latest technology
  • Top firms use hackathons to drive innovation such as Facebook’s Like button and Google’s map search feature
  • Numerous global online hackathons responded to the global pandemic of 2020 by building social impact solutions
  • Autonomy, mastery and purpose are intrinsic motivators for individuals to achieve sustainable high performance
  • Masterclasses with experts can help team members gain skills in new technologies to achieve even better solutions
  • Business leaders at FNB Codefest observed Agile practices that provide “competitor advantage”
  • Collaboration at hackathons can bring people together from different departments to work together
  • Business and IT work closely together at hackathons and build solutions much faster
  • The FNB Codefest started as a small event with 40 people but grew over 4 years to a week long sprint with 350 people
  • The Agile manifesto requires team environments that are trusting and supportive for people to get the job done

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