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HP0-Y31 Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Solution Exam

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HP0-Y31 Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Solution Exam

14 Feb , 2021  

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Sample Questions

Q) What is the advantage of the intelligent routing placement on the edge of the corporate network, not only in the core?

a) Border-oriented strategy supports VRRP and MSTP for default gateway redundancy.

b) Edge-oriented strategy requires a smaller number of virtual LANs and networks.

c) route aggregation edge-oriented strategy makes it easier, because only the routers should support VLANs only directly connected users.

d) The edge-oriented strategy allows traffic to pass through the network after the routing decisions have been made.

e) None

Q) When the router to determine which route is included in the routing table, the router is used in solving the administrative distance?

a) when the router learned about multiple routes to the same destination from different configurations or static routing protocols

b) when the router has learned about several routes of equal cost routes to the same destination

c) When the router is configured with static routes to the same direction, giving the same value but different next hop router interfaces

d) when the router learned about multiple routes to the same destination from different sources, using the same routing protocol

e) None

Q) Which statement is true of the HP E5400 ZL connection speed filtering switch function?

a) It detects threats with both the engine and the signature engine abnormality on a basis which can detect zero-day attacks.

b) Speed ​​ACL compounds may be used for some or all incoming traffic through the port, which has been strangled or blocked.

c) It uses traffic Sflow sample, to determine whether the invasion of traffic activity.

d) Sensitivity filter connection speed is configured on port, VLAN, or aggregation of groups of channels.

e) None

Q) Which authentication protocol provides mutual authentication as a server and requesting authentication?

a) Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)

b) Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)

c) Microsoft CHAP version 2 (MS-CHAPv2)

d) Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) -Message Digest 5 (MD5)

e) None

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