ISO 14001:2015 Life Cycle Perspective in EMS

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[Free] ISO 14001:2015 Life Cycle Perspective in EMS

16 Feb , 2021  


  • I recommend taking the ISO 14001:2015 full overview course before taking this course, but it’s entirely optional. This course will, for the most part, make sense even without it.


In this course you’ll learn all about how an organization can have a life cycle perspective while building and implementing their EMS, and what the benefits are. It can help a business find better partners who also have an EMS in place. It can reduce costs and increase efficiency by reducing waste. Also, being more environmentally conscious will lead to a better reputation.

Having a life cycle perspective can cultivate innovation and help you show leadership in you in your industry.

In the lectures you’ll see some notes on the screen which I’ll be explaining. I recommend using a guide to quickly read the notes on the screen, and taking notes, to aid in comprehension and retention.

Having a life cycle perspective is enshrined in ISO 14001 from the very first clause. When deciding which activities, products, and services to include in your scope, you have to have a life cycle perspective. You must not confine your efforts to what’s going on just in your own organization. You need to think of your products whole life cycle.

Indeed, products should be designed with sustainability in mind. Everything from the material itself to weight of the material and transportation costs needs to be taken into consideration.

It doesn’t end there, though. What about once your product reaches the end-user? You need to think about it’s environmental impacts during it’s use, and even after during disposal. An organization can strive to provide customers the means to recycle or reuse their products. They can provide guidance and assistance on how to use the product without causing much harm to the environment.

Learn about all that and more in this course!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone at any level in an organization implementing ISO 14001:2015
  • Anyone who wants to further their environmental acumen in an organization
  • Anyone creating and implementing an EMS in their organization
  • Business Studies students at any level who seek to enhance their knowledge about widely used management ISOs

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